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The members of the Reverón Piano Trio are not only seasoned artists, they have also been active promoters of Latin American music through their work as scholars and entrepreneurs. Their most recent research project is a collaboration with the Sphinx Organization for the creation of a comprehensive database of piano trios composed by Latin American composers. 


Ana Maria’s research spans different areas: firstly, the discovery and dissemination of  chamber music and art song from Latin America through recordings, new editions, and performances; secondly, she has increased the visibility of Collaborative Piano in the United States and abroad through the most important festival of this highly specialized field: The Collaborative Piano Institute. Ana Maria and her partner Elena Lacheva created the Institute in 2017 to put the spotlight on the needs of the next generation of inspiring collaborative pianists, counting with the support of the most distinguished, as well as emerging artists in the field. The framework of this Institute has also provided a space for many Latin American professional musicians to perform and teach, and it has also allowed them to share the wealth of this repertoire with the singers, pianists, and instrumentalists that participate in the program, who later on program these beautiful compositions in their own recitals.


Besides her musical training, Ana María is fluent in English, Spanish, French, and Italian, and a Geophysical Engineer who graduated Cum Laude from one of the most prestigious universities in her home country. Her thesis was published in the renowned  journal Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors.


Simón is an artistic entrepreneur that has promoted Latin American music and artists for more than twenty years through organizing festivals and concert series in the US, Latin America and the Caribbean Islands. He was the founder and artistic director of the Nuevo Mundo Festival and Academy, the most important chamber music festival in Venezuela in the first decade of the 2000s. Some of his most recent projects as an entrepreneur have been the creation of the Las Cruces Youth Orchestra in New Mexico, and the organization “Music Beyond Borders,” a series of concerts that aim to strengthen the cultural relationship between Mexico and the US through the collaboration of young musicians led by the baton of Mr. Gollo. 


Horacio is a recognized expert in Latin American repertoire for cello. He is the coauthor of “The Sphinx Catalog of Latin-American Cello Works,”  a free database containing information about works for cello by Latin American composers. It is the largest database of its kind and is available online thanks to the generous support of the Sphinx Organization and CelloBello.  Horacio’s most recent project is The Voices of Latin American Cello. It is a series of educational videos where people can learn about all things related to Latin American cellists and cello works from the voice of the protagonists. He has also published articles in journals of musicology and anthropology, and has given presentations at conferences throughout the Americas.

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